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SleepWeaver Anew Soft Cloth Full Face CPAP Mask and Headgear



  • Soft, breathable cloth material for comfortable PAP therapy
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Quiet flow exhalation
  • 3 Sizes available
  • No moisture buildup
  • No Pressure marks
  • Comfortable headgear with open vision design

SleepWeaver Anew CPAP Mask

A Full Face soft cloth mask! You asked and Circadiance has delivered the new SleepWeaver Anew™ Soft Cloth Full Face Mask and Headgear. Full Face PAP users can now turn to the cloth technology that many nasal users are already enjoying and raving about for the comfort and practical therapy every PAP wear craves. The SleepWeaver line of soft cloth masks has amazed wearers with the soft touch, lightweight feel on the face, and the seal delivered in therapy.

The SleepWeaver Anew™ Soft Cloth Full Face Mask material is a durable, soft, high-tech cloth that allows the skin to breathe without the build-up of moisture that can be experienced in silicone masks. The red marks often left behind by other silicone masks will not be an issue with the right fit. The proper fit and seal on the SleepWeaver Anew™ Soft Cloth Full Face Mask is obtained through inflation of the mask not a tight pull of the straps. Moisture is not allowed to build with the technologically advance material in the SleepWeaver Anew™ Soft Cloth Full Face Mask.

Every possible option to make the SleepWeaver Anew™ Soft Cloth Full Face Mask the best comfort and therapy experience has been thought of, researched, and developed. Clear line of vision, 90? Swivel Connection Elbow, easy cleaning, great sealing and fit, soft cloth, and more are all found in this one mask. Experience the revolutionary cloth mask made with the PAP user in mind, the SleepWeaver Anew™ Soft Cloth Full Face Mask and Headgear. Try it now and feel the comfort.

Please select a size when ordering. Sizes available are:

100955 - Small
100960 - Regular
100965 - Large

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  • Manufacturer:Circadiance
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